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10 Most Underrated Stephen King Books Of All Time

Under the Dome became a bit of a divisive novel when it was published in 2009, due in part to its length and its sometimes clunky dialogue. But on paper, the book really is in typical King territory.

Focused on the fictional town of Chester's Mill and its many inhabitants, Under the Dome sees the locals cut off from the outside world by a large and impenetrable dome. With no way of escape, the residents of Chester's Mill begin to spiral out of control as secrets are revealed, feuds are ignited and a battle for power is set in motion.

Because this is a Stephen King novel, it also features strange visions and a brutal conclusion. The whole thing flies by at breakneck speed and never lets up, introducing readers to dozens of major characters along the way whilst hitting them with some seriously harsh imagery and crazed bad guys.

The novel was picked up as a mostly-decent TV show following its publication, but honestly this is a story best heard as only Stephen King can tell it.