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10 Actors Who Begged For Their TV Characters To Die


Acting isn't a profession for the weak of stomach or those who demand a stable working environment, and so most jobbing actors unsurprisingly like to keep themselves gainfully employed on a gig for as long as possible.

Yet as much as multi-season contracts are surely what most actors' dreams are made of, sometimes performers have different ideas about their careers, and will eventually ask the showrunner to write them out, typically by way of an impactful death scene.

The reasons for doing this are of course myriad: sometimes an actor just grows tired of a gig and feels financially secure enough to take a risk - whether it pays off or not - while in other cases they take a principled stance against a creative decision they disagree with, or perhaps they simply feel it's time for their character to meet their natural dramatic end.

The majority of these TV characters, whether firm leads or supporting players, were all keenly enjoyed by fans, such that when their typically abrupt deaths came - assuming their requests for death were actually granted, of course - there was the distinct feeling so much more could've been done with them.

But you have to respect an artist for believing in themselves and their judgement enough to turn down lucrative TV money and roles that could've potentially gone on for many more years.

Whether it actually worked out, however, is another matter altogether...