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10 Actors Who Turned Down Doctor Who

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most versatile actors within today’s industry, having performed in many films, television shows, theatre productions, and radio programmes, as well as lending his voice for narration. One of his more notable roles was as Sherlock in the television mystery drama of the same name.

Benedict had the chance to become the Eleventh Doctor, before Matt Smith was cast for the role. The Sherlock star didn’t think he’d be the right fit for the character, despite the Tenth Doctor David Tennant encouraging him to go for it. But the actor simply wasn’t interested in taking on such a role, and had other work that would clash with the show’s timings. Furthermore, Cumberbatch didn’t want to be the face of several pieces of merchandise.

However, the actor did admit he wouldn’t mind appearing in a one-off episode.