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10 Biggest Doctor Who Retcons

Of all the Doctor's foes, none conjure up such terror among hardcore fans as the dreaded 'retcon'. But retcon isn't an alien, or a moustache-twirling villain - it's a narrative device. "Retcon" stands for "Retroactive Continuity", and it essentially describes moments that change or contradict established canon. It's such an infamous staple of Doctor Who that spinoff show Torchwood named a mind-erasing drug "retcon" in its honour.

Not all retcons are necessarily bad: sometimes they're important for opening up new storytelling opportunities or making something feasible that wouldn't be otherwise. But they can also cause confusion, nullify some of the show's best episodes and characters, and create unfortunate missed opportunities.

However, retcons are also somewhat inevitable. When dealing with a show that's spanned over 50 years, has a heavy focus on time travel, and has been headed by numerous different production teams, it would be crazy to expect completely robust continuity. Still, not having the continuity morph into something completely different every few years would be nice.