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10 Exact Moments Fans Turned On Their Favourite TV Characters

Throughout the opening seasons of both the US and UK versions of Shameless, Debbie Gallagher is described as being 'sent from the Gods' by her father. Smart, resourceful and exceptionally grounded for someone of her young age at the beginning of the show, she is so often portrayed as being one of the more mature heads of the family, always on hand to help out her younger siblings.

That all begins to unravel from season five however, with Debbie being introduced to the world of sex. Fans of the character should have instantly been turned off by the Gallagher daughter following the time she climbed on top of Matt when he was asleep, but any remaining Debbie fans were swept away later on in the season when she lies to Derek about being on the pill.

It turns out that Debbie isn't on the pill, she becomes pregnant and begins arguing with pretty much anyone who goes up to talk to her about how she isn't ready for parenthood.

For someone who was supposed to be so smart and sensible with how she handled herself, this was a moment that just made absolutely no sense. To see her acting towards Derek the way she does is one thing, but it's the wild arguments and refusal to accept that having a child at her age isn't the best idea in the world that really drove fans away from Debs.