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10 Exact Moments The Simpsons Stopped Trying

The Simpsons have traveled all across the world throughout their time on TV, and in season 11, they journeyed to Florida. After Homer found himself plagued by crippling insomnia, the family headed to the Sunshine State for him to get some well needed rest.

However, what followed was one of the least thought out episodes ever, having no real story. It just seemed to jump from one random situation to the next, from insomnia to Spring Break and a poor Kid Rock cameo, to killing an alligator to helping host a posh party.

As soon as the family arrived in Florida, Homer's insomnia was almost instantly forgotten about, with the second half of the episode never even referencing it again. A good Simpsons story always has the ability to tie everything from the episode together, but this just wasn't thought through well enough.

Simply put, this wasn't a good episode, and even though the general quality of the show had declined by season 11, there was still some good writing and solid episodes to be seen. Just not in Florida.