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10 Great TV Shows Made From STUPID Ideas

While the My Little Pony line of toys was pretty much always successful, the tie in material such as the shows pretty much stuck to advertising to VERY little kids because who else would watch a show called My Little Pony?

Well, when you attach kids show genius Lauren Faust, the answer to that is everyone, apparently. Through clever writing, detailed world building, and entertaining characters, this show took the entire world by storm and rooted itself permanently in the internet's subconscious through just being a really damn good show made from an IP and idea that 90% of people would find idiotically saccharine.

Close to a decade on since that first episode rocked the internet to its core (ten years, dear god almighty...) it's interesting looking back on a show that no one saw coming. I mean sure, Faust being attached definitely told us it would stand a bit above the rest, since her name carries the pedigree of multiple great cartoons (and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, but we all make mistakes) but even after she left, if anything, the show got BETTER.

And all from the idea of pastel horses talking about friendship.

Go figure.