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10 Star Trek Behind The Scenes Horror Stories

Garrett Wang was the only cast member on Star Trek to have had a request to direct turned down by Executive Producer Rick Berman. Initially, he made the ask in year five and credited the refusal to early mistakes he had made regarding his punctuality. However, when these requests were again turned down in years six and seven, he began to take it personally.

Everyone from Next Generation gets a guest shot, everyone from DS9 who has an inclination gets a shot, and everyone but Garrett from Voyager gets a shot. You put two and two together and try to figure it out.

He felt this was particularly offensive, as he had, after that initial trouble, devoted his time and energy to the show. In recent fans conventions, he has remained one of the loudest supporters of Star Trek, having also appeared in several fan productions as well.

Wang's feelings of being disrespected extended beyond Rick Berman, as he has had run-ins with both William Shatner, who he described as a 'Queen of England' type and also voiced his displeasure at none of the Voyager crew being invited to the premiere of Star Trek 2009.