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10 TV Shows That Most Accurately Represent Britain

The Citizen Kane of cynical, sharp and snarky comedies. Peep Show is without doubt one of the freshest and funniest comedies of the past 20 years. Following the lives of ‘friends’ Mark and Jez in a shared flat in Croydon, the odd-couple dynamic is as British as fish and chips. The alchemy of a socially uneasy and despairing loan manager forced to live with a talentless, selfish slacker works to perfection.

The show uses a POV style that enables each character to share his inner dialogue with us, with both characters representing the self-doubt, anxiety and self-centredness that we all have but won’t admit.

The show gained a cult following, despite low viewing numbers and even showcased the talents of future Oscar winner Olivia Coleman.

Their inner monologues give an insight into the humiliation, guilt and cynicism of almost every Brit with every awkward interaction punctuated by painfully British references. The show is understated yet unapologetically honest, walking us through the thought processes of two men we wish we didn’t relate to but do.

America tried and failed with a remake, but there is no American translation of Mark getting lost in the Quantocks and agreeing to marry Sophie out of awkwardness after she finds an engagement ring in his bag.

Keep Calm and Watch Peep Show.