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10 TV Shows That RECAST Major Characters

Television has been one of the leading forms of entertainment for decades now. Though it was originally seen as inferior to film, changing attitudes - and a well-earned appreciation for home entertainment - has resulted in it now receiving the respect it deserves from both inside and outside the industry.

One thing that can put actors off, however, is the long hours, hectic schedules and full-time commitment that comes with shooting a long-running TV show and this can often lead to them leaving it behind - forcing the studio to recast their role. Though certainly not the only reason for a recast (and this article will explore some of them), it seems to be what forced Ruby Rose to leave Batwoman.

Yes, the recent news that Rose had parted ways with the pointy ears and red wig associated with the DC Comics character came as a bit of a surprise to, well, everyone really. And it will ultimately lead to what may just be the biggest recast in television history as The CW will have to find a replacement for the sole star of the show.

But unprecedented events such as these give us a chance to look back on some of the times that TV networks have found themselves in similar situations, so without further ado, let's meet some of the most famous television characters that had to be recast.