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12 TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Linked

It's hard to think of any shows more contrasting than Lost and The Office.

Ricky Gervais' groundbreaking BBC sitcom was a substantially popular series that relied on awkward situational comedy and annoying characters. In contrast, Lost was a dramatic and often horrifying tale of a supernatural island and its doomed castaways. However, despite their differences, there is a swift and subtle connection between them.

In Lost's episode Homecoming, we see Charlie's attempts to swindle a rich girl out of some money. As she gives the failing Rockstar a tour of her house, she references that her father is purchasing a paper company up in Slough.

Wernham Hogg - the setting for The Office - was clearly the organisation that she was referring to. Although it isn't namedropped, the deliberate choice to reference its location in Slough was clearly an effort to establish the connection.

It's a minor and tenuous link, but it's there for a reason and was an excellent in-joke for those who caught it.