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15 Most Visually Stunning Sci-Fi TV Shows

The enduring genre of science fiction has persisted across many decades, properties and producers, delivering countless stories alongside some superb special effects that have evolved through the years.

Using the wild imagination of space travel and exploration as their springboard, the countless efforts include aliens, superheroes, galaxy-spanning conquest and time travel among many others, the genre has undergone an unparalleled expansion. In a future world where anything is possible, just about any kind of tale can be conjured up for our viewing pleasure.

Many a tale of planets and stories far different from our own have populated the small screen, using a wide range of presentational techniques. But which ones make the most of their special effects to create their deep and absorbing qualities?

Keeping to one entry per franchise and leaping across productions past and present, these are the most visually stunning TV shows in science fiction. If nothing else, they're sure to catch your eye, as we look into the special effects that made them so effective at transporting audiences to far-off places and conflicts.