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15 Star Trek Deaths That Didn't Last

If there's one of these resurrections that threw fandom into a maelstrom it was Kirk's demise in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Not content with reviving Khan for the Kelvin Timeline, the writers decided to switch the monumental sacrifice from probably what is THE quintessential Star Trek movie and slide it into Abrams' return to the franchise. This time it would be Kirk saving the Enterprise from destruction at the cost of his own life rather than Spock, kicking the main reactor back into life.

This offered the chance to have hands separated by protective glass, Spock screaming for Khan and mirror key pieces of what many fans hold as the best of the classic crew movies but somehow manage to not quite hit the mark at any point. Kirk's death is a major blow to the crew but for the audience the very nature of the movie screamed "resurrection".

They didn't even keep Kirk dead to be brought back in a third movie, electing instead to have Spock chase Khan down across San Francisco to get a larger sample of his superblood. It had already revived a Tribble and lo and behold it was capable of bringing back James T. Luckily he had a year to recover before the Enterprise was recommissioned and stepped out on her first five year mission.