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8 Things Fans Actually Wanted From Game Of Thrones Season 8

It has been a year since the biggest show in the world simply faded out of existence after its short and vehemently disappointing final season. Game of Thrones gripped the world for the best part of the decade, shirking the lines between film and television, with a superbly large budget, and a high-calibre cast to go with it.

For many years the show took its time with singular stories, spanning over season after season. But by taking its time, it managed to shock its audiences with some hard-hitting deaths, and brutally depressive losses. It was the show that held no punches, where no character was safe.

Yet as the final season approached, many doubted the show would be able to satisfyingly round up all the characters story arcs in its brief six-episode run. And they were right. From pacing issues to complete betrayals of character, Game of Thrones’ final season was almost conclusively despised. So, as we approach one year since one of the worst endings in television took place, we thought it was time to dust off our armour and bellow out “Dracarys!”, as we dive into what the fans actually wanted from the Game of Thrones final season.