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Every Season Of The Wire Ranked Worst To Best

If you’ve seen The Wire, you’ll know that it’s one of the best TV dramas ever made, and if you haven’t seen it, then you’ve probably got friends who’ve told you the same thing.

Over five seasons, creators David Simon and Ed Burns took what looked like a high quality but pretty standard cop show, and transformed it into a searing examination of modern America in decline.

Its five seasons examined the city of Baltimore from many angles - the cops’ attempts to fight crime, and the criminals themselves; the politicians making decisions, the media who report on it all, and the schools, where all of this behaviour is conditioned into us.

The Wire works best as a piece, but the different angles allow viewers to pick and choose their favourites, which comes down to personal taste. Some seasons are more emotional, others more exciting, others more methodical.

Taking all these qualities into account, however, some seasons of The Wire shine brighter than others. It’s worth pointing out that every single season is great in its own way - but even with a show as all round superb as this one, not all seasons are created equally.