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Friends Quiz: Who Did It - Joey, Phoebe Or Both?

Friends had a diverse array of characters. There's the sarcastic insecure goof Chandler, the hopeless romantic/divorcee Ross, the charming, warm-hearted ladies man Joey, the practical caring control freak Monica, the weird eccentric one of a kind Phoebe and the funny spirited self-involved Rachel.

While the relationship between Ross and Rachel was often the main focal point of the show, the bond between Phoebe and Joey was undeniable. They sometimes came across a bit ditzy and act as if they may be the dumbest of all of their friends, however they both had the biggest hearts. Fans were disappointed that they never got to see the two of them hook up but with Ross and Rachel and Monica and Chandler, it was probably too predictable for them to do so.

For now, all we have is this quiz. Can you tell these two weird goofballs apart from what they have been up to in the past?

Answers at the end!