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13. What Will Happen To Adam At Military School?

13. What Will Happen To Adam At Military School?

Netflix’s Sex Education is a British teen comedy-drama series which follows the life of Otis, a socially awkward virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother.

The series tackles a wide range of sex-related issues that are not often discussed in sex education classes, nor shown in other coming-of-age films and shows.

Sex Education sees Otis and Maeve - the smart bad girl - set up a sex clinic at their secondary school. Using his knowledge, Otis helps his peers deal with the weird and wonderful common problems that young people tend to experience.

The diverse group of characters go through a lot in Season 1’s eight-episode run, resulting in some unresolved drama and lots of setup for future instalments. The result is a number of questioned that need to be answered in Season 2.

Contains spoilers for all of Sex Education Season 1.