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WandaVision: 8 INSANE Fan Theories For The Final Episode

Agatha Harkness has already proven herself to be an extremely smart, extremely powerful witch, but she is still far from the level of the Scarlet Witch. At this point there is no telling the limit to Wanda's power, if indeed there is one at all, but it is entirely possible that Agatha wants to harness it and use it for herself.

In episode five, Agatha introduced the Maximoffs to Sparky, and almost immediately killed him in what seemed like an attempt to manipulate Wanda into using her powers to bring him back to life. Could it be that she has someone she wishes to bring back herself?

What if she has been able to store a part of someone's soul within SeƱor Scratchy, but doesn't have the power within herself to fully bring them back? Instead, she is looking to use Wanda's power to bring back either Mephisto or Nightmare, or even her son Nicholas Scratch.

This situation that almost mimics that of Lord Voldemort in The Philosopher's Stone is inspired by the creepy 'Yo-Magic' commercial in episode six. Fans have been trying to pinpoint its meaning ever since, and it could be that the boy struggling to open the yogurt is actually representing Agatha struggling to tap into Wanda's power.