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10 Great WWE Feuds That Never Got A PPV Match


WWE has booked literally hundreds, if not thousands, of feuds over the years.

It makes sense then that some of them would qualify as "mini" feuds rather than full-blown, major programs, but that's not true of the ones examined here. Every single one of them had pay-per-view potential, or were seemingly supposed to - specifically, they had singles match pay-per-view potential, but that didn't end up happening.

Not even one of these rivalries peaked in a one-on-one bout that fans paid to see. They were either scrapped due to injuries and Vince McMahon's well-known whims, or they ended in some form of multi-person match that attempted to shove more moving parts into the situation or spin off into another story entirely. That, when analysing the quality of talent on offer, must be considered a crying shame.

One feud notably happened outside WWE's walls, but it remains jarring all these years later that the company didn't fancy it for WrestleMania or any other pay-per-view special. This article could easily be subtitled, 'when WWE left dollars on the table'.

Those are dollars they'll never have the chance to bank...