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Every story has already been told. Even the most exceptional writers lean on seven archetypal stories, recycling the same basic plots that define literature from today all the way back to ancient Greece. If our most talented storytellers fall back on similar narratives, where do you think that leaves WWE? Let's face it. Nobody's winning a Nobel Prize for this stuff.

And it's not entirely creative's fault. When you're responsible for producing thousands of hours worth of television a year, not every idea's bound to come out a winner. Yet that kind of sheer volume only provides so much of an excuse.

Even with that in mind, WWE still relies on formulaic storytelling to push feuds forward. Regardless of the stylistic and tonal shifts from the Golden Age to New Generation and Attitude Era, WWE has always clung to the same tried and tested storylines.

They might've dressed or sexed them up for a new era of fans, but the end result was all too familiar. And no, it wasn't your mind playing tricks on you, although after years of watching WWE tread water, you might wish it had. Whether they showcase patriotism, inner turmoil, or lurid romance, WWE loves coming back to these stories on a regular basis...