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10 Most Repeated WWE Storylines

Not the Bayley Buddies! Is nothing sacred?! Oh, wait. This is WWE we're talking about.

A well-executed heel turn is an opportunity to freshen up a wrestler's character and push them back up the card. Plus, give them a new haircut for good measure. That last part's important. We're here for Bayley's bob.

Although a WWE fixture for decades, the heel turn is an emotional roller coaster like no other. The WWE Universe's initial rage shifts to curiosity at hearing their once-beloved superstar's explanation for turning to the dark side. We just can't help ourselves.

Yet WWE's heels repeatedly go over the edge for the exact same reason. A perceived lack of respect from the WWE Universe has driven numerous superstars like The Rock and CM Punk to turn their backs on the very fans who made them household names. So much for gratitude. You know they paid for your house, right?

In the pantheon of heel turns, rejecting the audience is rarely a home run storyline, no matter how many times WWE brings it back. We want to sympathize with our villain's motivation but stop just short of rooting for them. Lord knows we don't ask for much.

And hearing some entitled superstar with an Adonis physique moan about not getting enough love from the fans doesn't exactly make for a riveting storyline. Self-love is the best love, after all.