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10 Times Wrestlers Held Championship Belts Hostage

One of the more famous stories of a wrestler refusing to drop a title before his demands were met, Jeff Jarrett's 1999 request doomed any WWE return to such a degree that he had to form a new company just to have a place to work. As a full time wrestler, anyway.

After the company had failed to secure a signature on a new contract, Jarrett arrived at No Mercy 1999 as a virtual free agent, despite a whispered certainty that he'd end up in WCW with their new creative head Vince Russo. Head Of Talent Relations Jim Ross hadn't got the deal done, resulting in Jarrett asking for a rumoured $300,000 (a sum he based on past and future earnings from dates already worked) before he'd drop the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna that night.

Despite this spectacular bridge-burning, 'Double J' found his way back to WWE via Hall Of Fame induction. Time healed the wounds by 2018, right around the time original scapegoat JR moved towards the company's nascent opposition.