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10 Times Wrestlers Worked Their Way Into A Job

Professional wrestling is at an all-time high in terms of quality. Plus, with every promotion now producing weekly content, it's also at an all-time high in employment opportunities. However, due to the before-mentioned high quality of wrestling talent to go around, jobs in the world's best promotions are hotly contested. In these modern times, in order to secure the job you want, you must prove yourself first. Not everybody can be the star signing with a multi-million dollar guaranteed contract, after all.

It isn't uncommon for favoritism to run rampant within the industry. This is why it becomes extra impressive whenever a certain talent is able to force their way into the spotlight on sheer work-rate alone. Veterans of the business need to show that they're worth keeping around and young stars need to demand the attention of potential employers in order to snag the job of their dreams. Maybe a previously released star needs a second chance, or a workhorse of the industry deserves to be at the top but is hindered by a weight division.

Either way, it takes a special effort to make it to the top in today's wrestling world, and luckily for fans, the grind always results in some magic within the ring.