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The discovery and safe retrieval of Tom Magee and Bret Hart's "Holy Grail" match was a substantial moment for longstanding fans of both 'The Excellence Of Execution' and the product in general.

Revered for how it sold Magee as "the next Hulk Hogan" to Vince McMahon just two years into 'The Hulkster's run, the WWE Network playback featured comments from the wrestlers themselves as well as select others to offer their contextualised takes on why the match was particularly brilliant to watch for the boys and boss in the back as much as it was the fans in the arena.

The real magic of the match finally getting broadcast via the streaming service was how it had been forever thought lost. One of the few things WWE simply didn't have, compared to the hundreds of thousands of hours of footage they've simply never shown. Whether it was house shows recorded for posterity, dark segments either side of television tapings or outdoor novelty events, the cameras were almost always rolling but the company's careful control of what got out left much of it a mystery for many a year.

Their stance has softened over the decades, with DVDs and now an entire Network to keep loaded with content, so while none of these are out there as of this writing, this isn't to say they never will be. Even if not all of them sound overly appealing...