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10 WWE Stars Who Are Absolutely RIPPED Right Now

McIntyre's WWE comeback story is near-legendary by now.

After being deemed "The Chosen One", McIntyre was never quite able to reach the stardom that he was apparently destined for, bowing out of the company as a member of 3MB following a seven year stint, only to return seven years later and run over NXT and WWE Raw.

As stated multiple times by the man himself, the current WWE Champion (as of writing) used his initial sacking as motivation to totally reinvigorate his body and his character. Speaking to Men's Health, McIntyre states, "I realised I wasn't putting as much effort in as I possibly could, so that day I changed everything about my life [...] I started working harder inside the ring, and I started working harder, really hard actually, in the gym to change my body."

The results spoke for themselves. Even before WWE resigned him to the NXT brand in 2017, McIntyre was blowing up the independent scene with a string of stellar performances and an incredible body transformation. In particular from 2015, as by then, The Scottish Terminator had already bulked up his upper body, and would later add a heavy-duty gun show with incredible muscular definition throughout his body.