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2 Ups & 7 Downs From WWE WrestleMania 28


WWE weren't remotely phased by the broadly bored response WrestleMania XXVII received, nor did they even have the time. Less than 24 hours after The Rock had cost John Cena the WWE Championship against The Miz, the company were booking the following year's main event in a powerful post-WrestleMania Raw showdown.

It was a bold strategy that fed into an arguably-even-bolder one. 12 long months were to be donated to a bonafide dream match that required no catchy subtitles or chintzy wrestling ones. 'The Champ' wouldn't need a belt, the 'Great One' wouldn't need great matches but the 'Grandest Stage' could remain set all the same.

"Once In A Lifetime" was the only lie WWE needed to tell, though it was so glamorous that they weren't permitted to forget it a year later. The stakes and tension around it when it still appeared for real though? Whew, forget about it.

No, please, forget about it. And don't forget to get your tickets for WrestleMania 29!

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