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25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Nov 22)


Though WWE have yet again failed to make its audience really give a damn about the actual result of the Survivor Series PPV, like it or not, brand supremacy night is upon us. However, away from the contrived Raw Vs SmackDown nonsense and disappointing lack of NXT presence at this year's event, Survivor Series 2020 also marks what could be The Undertaker's Final Farewell, 30 years on from his debut at the very same show. How poetic.

Whether this character is actually given the space to Rest In Peace is an argument for another day. But if this is to be the Last Ride, what a career it has been, eh?

Of course, Undertaker tributes and strolls down memory lane have dominated much of this last week in Vince McMahon's empire, but the company still found time to put on a few bangers and leave us scratching our heads. Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai put on a match for the ages on NXT, with Shirai successfully defending her NXT Women's Championship in the gruelling encounter. Roman Reigns yet again proved why he's the most compelling force in all of wrestling right now. Drew McIntyre became a two-time WWE Champion. And RETRIBUTION beat the Raw Survivor Series team for...reasons?

Let's hope WWE can end another surreal week on a high. And by "high" we mean with McIntyre and Reigns absolutely obliterating each other in the Survivor Series main event. But, in the meantime, here's exactly what our favourite WWE stars have been posting in the land of Instagram over the last seven days.