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8 Wrestlers Who Predicted Their Own Deaths


Sooner or later, everyone gets their ticket punched, even wrestlers. Though some of them may become immortal through the legacy they leave behind in their craft, at times their untimely demise can prompt the public to look back on their well-documented lives in the hopes of finding something that might have foreshadowed their end. Many wrestlers already have a mythic air about them, so when they make proclamations, innuendos or even jokes about their deaths, and then death follows for them, it becomes deeply eerie.

The mortality rate for wrestlers overall isn’t great. A study found rates for those aged between 45 and 54 were 2.9 times greater than the rate for men in the wider US population. Past performers were part of a generation of wrestlers who made unhealthy and poor personal lifestyle choices, which in some cases continued beyond their years in the ring. And while today's athletes take great pride and personal responsibility for their overall health and wellbeing, and the hope amongst wrestling fans is that today's crop of superstars will live longer than their predecessors, it's sadly not always true.

The following wrestlers provided what appear to be uncanny specifics about their eventual demise. Many of these deaths shocked the wrestling world into a state of disbelief, while others were met with more of an unsurprised sadness. Some of these predictions are scarily intricate and precise, while others are immensely foreboding.

Sometimes it had to do with the unique knowledge they had, or it was simply the situations they frequently found themselves in. Each story is different in the details but identical in the results.