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Real Reason Brandi Rhodes Deleted Twitter Revealed

Lee South/AEW

After deleting her Twitter account earlier this week, Cody has revealed exactly why Brandi Rhodes made the choice to leave the social media site.

Many assumed that AEW's Chief Brand Officer left the site due to the criticism she was receiving over the promotion's women's division and the announcement of the new AEW Heels programme.

However, Cody has shed more light on this situation and made it known that Brandi left Twitter due to racist abuse in a now-deleted tweet:

'Leaving a social app because you open your phone to an absurd amount of n bombs is respectfully understandable. No place for that.'

Brandi celebrated the first official AEW Heels meeting yesterday on Instagram, but still hasn't commented on her Twitter status since leaving the platform.


No performer should have to endure racist abuse, on social media or anywhere else. If this is in fact the reason Brandi decided to call time on her Twitter profile, then those who targeted her should be deeply ashamed of their actions.

Hopefully, Brandi can continue to be a positive social media presence on Instagram and YouTube without being subjected to this sort of despicable behaviour going forward.