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WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: 35 Things You Probably Missed


WWE couldn't have booked that main event any better.

The build towards Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso took a serious upturn on the final episode of SmackDown before Clash Of Champions, and things only got more awesome come pay-per-view night. The passion, the emotion, the storytelling and the presentation all absolutely rocked.

During the heat of battle, you may have missed Jey Uso calling out to his brother Jimmy. Did he use that name, or even the familiar 'Uce', though? No, not quite - Jey used something else, and it was all rather confusing; sprinking stories with reality is one thing, but this was perhaps a little too far and seemed to happen for the sake of it.

This list includes that and 34 other hidden gems you might've slept on during Clash. There's a dash of spittle, some nasty-looking wounds of war, a late bump to rival Batista's silly antics a decade or so ago, babyfaces being too nice for their own good, Shawn Michaels needing some help to get down and even Roman Reigns channelling Zack Ryder.

Yes! Woo, woo and indeed woo...