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A House Of Anubis Story - A Helping Hand

Here's the first part of my first story, tell me what you like and don't like!
(There's already a new boy called Luke when Emily arrives at Anubis House, and i have Mick and Eddie in my story)

Chapter 1 - New girl

Emily's POV:

So today was my first day at my new school. I had said goodbye to my family and friends back in Hull where I live and went by train to Liverpool. I was stood outside Anubis House and I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer it when I heard a loud scream.

Nina - Give that back!
Fabian - But I want to know what it means!
Nina - Fabian!
Fabian - Nina what does 'geek chic' mean?
Nina - ...It means cute and geeky! Now can I have my diary back now?
Fabian - Sure, oh look! Someone is at the front doors!
(Fabina run over to me)
Fabian - Hi! What's your name?
Emily - Hey I'm Emily. Who are you two?
Fabian - I'm Fabian!
Nina - And I'm Nina! Nice to meet you Emily! (smiles)
Fabian - What are you doing here though?
Emily - Oh I'm the new student here
Fabian - Oh of course!
Nina - Have you knocked on the door?
Emily - Yes but no one has answered it.
(Door opens)
Trudy - Hello sweetie! What's your name?
Emily - I'm Emily, hi what's your name?
Trudy - Hello Emily, I'm Trudy Rehman. And I'm your house mother. I'm guessing Fabian and Nina have already made you feel welcome here?
Victor - She will only be welcome if she obeys the rules.
Emily - ...Hi I'm Emily.
Victor - You stick to the rules and you and I will get along a lot better Emily.
(Victor walks away)
Trudy - (whisper) That's Victor, he's a bit grumpy but he means well. I wouldn't get on the wrong side of him if I were you!
Fabian - (to Nina) So, I'm cute eh?
Nina - (runs inside after Emily, avoiding the question)
Fabian - (Grins)

No ones POV:

(Dining room everyone is eating tea which is roast chicken, vegetables and mash potato with gravy)
Patricia - So Emily, why did you come to this school?
Emily - Well my mum wanted me to have a good job in the future and she knew that most of the students who came here have a good career so she thought I would too.
Jerome - Everyone except Mick!
(Mick glares at Jerome)
Alfie - Did you have aliens in your last school?
Emily - ...No, I don't think so...
Mick - Do you like any kind of exercise?
Emily - I like eating!
Mick - I like you Emily!
Mara - What are your hobbies and interests?
Jerome - Don't ask for the girl's life story, you have only just met her! ...Do you have any cash? I have a LOT of stuff for sale if you're interested?
Emily - Err, okay maybe I'll check your 'shop' out one day and Mara I like Electrical things, books and mysteries. Oh and music.
Fabian - (whispers to Nina) Mysteries? Maybe she would be a useful Sibuna?
Nina - Yes but we wouldn't want to put her in danger.
Fabian - Yeah you're right.
Emily - (To Luke) So, you're the only one who hasn't spoke to me yet, hi I'm Emily, who are you? (She holds out her hand)
(Luke looks at her and runs out the room)
Emily - ...What did I say?
Fabian - That's Luke, don't worry he's kind of shy and doesn't talk to us a lot so it will take a while for him to talk to you.
Patricia - No he just likes being alone I'm sure, Fabian's his best friend and even he struggles to talk to him.
Fabian - He's just so quiet! I want to get to know him more but he won't tell us what his interests are or what his family are like or friends or even what music he's into!
Joy - It's ok Fabes, no need to get stressed you're perfect and you don't have to worry about his problems.
Nina - Well yes I suppose but it's still nice to show an interest in your friends feelings Joy.
Fabian - Err, come on Nina lets go show Emily her room...

(Nina, Amber and Emily's room)

Emily - Oh thanks you've put my bed in place and given me a space! Thank you so much!
Nina - Oh it's no big deal.
Emily - Who's is the other bed if that one is mine and that one is yours?
Fabian - That's Amber's side, she is in town at the minute getting some make-up and probably, shoes. But you'll meet her when she gets back.
Emily - Oh okay. So have I met everyone in the house now?
Nina - Yeah I think so?
Fabian - Lets see, Me, Nina, Jerome, Alfie, Patricia, Joy, Mick, Mara, Luke, Victor, Trudy and...oh! Eddie!
Nina - Of course! She hasn't met Eddie yet!
Eddie - What unfortunate young lady hasn't had the privilege of meeting me? Oh and who are you?
Emily - I'm Emily, and I'm guessing that you're Eddie?
Eddie - Edison Miller's the name my lady (grabs hand and kisses it). Do you have a boyfriend?
Emily- No why?
Eddie - That can be changed...
(Eddie leaves the room)
Emily - ...Okay...