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Message to Trudy Gray Oxford. Black African People should be segregated from ALL WHITE PEOPLE.

Hi Trudy Gray I do apologise for breaking my promise and mentioning your name on social media. I have to. I do not like getting caught up in mix up. I don't know you. You phoned me last night notifying me that you know Sasha Johnson very well. You said to me over the phone lastnight that i said Sasha Jognson eldest son was being beaten up by Sasha youngest son father. This couldn't be further from the truth. I NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING. I can only talk what I know. I do not know Sasha Johnson children. I have never met them. You said you were concerned about Sasha eldest son welfare. I have seen both Sasha children on video call when Sasha has been talking to her younger son father. He is responsible for the children and does a very good job in my small impressions. He looks after the children very good and the two children look a picture of health. Sasha has said to me in the oadt that her eldest son is withdrawn and very quiet. I have a daughter who is exactly the same. Shes withdrawn and very quiet. It could be their inner characteristics. Some individuals are just like that naturally. It can be a natural character trait.
I have heard rows between Sasha Johnson and her younger son father. But I have to be completely honest with you Trudy. The problem being that I have observed personally there is too many carer. Sasha children are being brought into contact and looked after by too many white people. I will show you courtesy Trudy and apologise for any offence you may take. But I do not agree with black children being raised by white people. This is very damaging for black children and the families and wider black community on a whole. I was raised by a white step mother. I know what I am talking about. I am a pan Africanist and black nationalist. I thought I'd let you know Trudy because I'm not a hypocrite. I do not believe in black African people's mixing in with and socialising with white people. I believe the same as the nation of Islam that 'we' should be segregated from white people as they have proven over a long time to be a destructive force and negative influence on 'us' as black African people. Trudy you will have to understand the damage that has been impacted on black African people economically politically mentally physically spiritually socially sexually etc etc ever since we have been living among you white people. It's a catastrophe.
So I do not promote white people mixing with black African people. I firmly believe that we as black African people should be segregated from all white people permanently.