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Will Taron Egerton Be The MCU's Wolverine?

Let the rumor slinging commence.

A few weeks ago, the guys over at We Got This Covered reported that, according to undisclosed sources, Kingsman and Rocketman star Taron Egerton is high on Marvel's wish list to take over the role of Wolverine - and now the star himself has weighed in on the rumor.

Egerton is currently riding high on the critical and box office success of the Elton John biopic Rocketman, in which the actor channeled the legendary musician to jaw-dropping effect - even singing all of the movie's songs himself. And while it seems that Egerton wouldn't necessarily cast himself as Wolverine if the choice were his, he did suggest that he'd be game to take on the role - or, failing that, any other role that Marvel Studios would consider him for.

Despite his reluctance, it's probably fair to say that Egerton - who has proven his capability as an action star in the Kingsman series - would be an excellent choice for the part. And that's a sentiment shared by the one guy who ought to know best.

In 2016, Hugh Jackman - who famously played Wolverine for a staggering 17 years - was asked whether he'd be game to appear in a Deadpool film, while doing the press rounds for Eddie the Eagle with Egerton - who also starred in that movie.

It's almost as if Jackman knew something everyone else didn't, and there's a good chance that his comment is what set the rumor mill spinning in the first place. At the time, of course, Disney's acquisition of the film and television assets of Fox Studios hadn't yet begun to take shape, but once it became clear that the X-Men were destined to be rebooted into the MCU, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige swiftly expressed his intention to recast the merry band of mutants with much younger actors, including Wolverine. Keep watching the video as we find out will Taron Egerton be the MCU's Wolverine?

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