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10 Cheerleaders Who Got Attention For All The WRONG Reasons

10 women who came into the spotlight for OTHER reasons than their cheerleading.
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There are plenty of stereotypes associated with cheerleaders. We often see these peppy people as ditzy, snobby, too energetic, popular, and so on. Most cities around the United States value the sport of football. And cheerleaders come hand in hand with football. You can’t have football without cheerleaders. Yet, you can have cheerleaders without football. There has been an ongoing debate in regards to whether cheerleading is a sport. Cheerleading has evolved so much, and there are definitely physical demands in cheerleading that go beyond just being loud and shaking pom poms. As with any sport, there is sure to be some controversy among the players. There are some cheerleaders who gain international attention for their talent. But there are others who get attention for reasons that go beyond their moves. Whether it’s because they were kicked off the cheer team, got in trouble, or made some sassy faces, this video will show you the cheerleaders who got noticed for all the wrong reasons!

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