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The Return Of Anubis Part 10

Last Episode - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Yd0NK5Uzo

After they left, the new caretaker arrived at Anubis House with Mr.Sweet.
Mr. Sweet - Well, Mr. Zeldmann, I wish you a pleasant stay here. I'm sure the students here won't be too much of a bother.
*smiles then opens the door* Children?
No answer.
Mr.Sweet - Where could they have gone off to?
Rennae - *thinking: Drats. those kids must've known I was coming. there's nothing i could do other than leave, but how*
Well, Mr. Sweet I- *pretends there was a phone call* Sorry, I have to take this.
Hello? ... Yes ... Alright ... I'll be there in a few minutes.
Mr.Sweet - Who was that, Mr. Zeldmann?
Rennae - Oh, uh, that was my wife. She said that Trudy called, they didn't need a caretaker after all. *awkward laugh*
Okay. Goodbye now, Mr.Sweet. Thank you for your time. *tips hat then leave*
Mr. Sweet - My, my. That was the most weirdest experience I have ever encountered in my whole life. *leaves*

Later that evening, Amber, Alfie Mick and Mara met up with Fabina and Patrome at a restaurant.
Mick - Hey, guys. *handshakes Fabian and pats Jerome's back*
Jerome - Hey, Alfie. *handshakes*
Then they went in to eat.
Amber - Table for 8, please.
Waiter - Right this way, Miss.

-Seating Arrangements-
Patricia - Jerome - Alfie - Amber
Mara - Mick - Fabian - Nina
-Seating Arrangements-

Waiter - Here are the menus. Enjoy! *gives them all menus and leaves*
Fabian - Whoa. Who's paying for this?
Amber - Nobody.
Everybody - What?!
Amber - This is my Dad's restaurant. *grins*
Nina - Ohkie, Dokie then. *reads menu*

After they ate, they went home and straight to the living room.
They talked about their day out and blah blah blah. You get the point. :p

suddenly, the room became very silent.
Mara - I can't believe school's finally over. *frown then hugs Mick*
Nina - *uncomfortable*
Mick - It's alright, babes. We'll see each other. I mean, we've still got a week vacation together in the US...
Patricia - Then, we go our separate ways.
Jerome - Except me.
Fabian - And, me.
Nina - You're not going to see your parents Fabian?
Fabian - No. They're going on a business trip.
Nina - Oh, okay.
Patricia - Well, how about the rest?
Amber - I'm going to Paris with my parents.
Alfie - I'm going to Italy for two months.
Amber - Awww. Boo. *hugs Alfie tight* I'm going to miss you*
Alfie - *pulls away* I'm going to miss you too, Amber. *turns to Jerome and whispers* Booyeah! *hi5's Jerome*
Patricia - I'm going to New York with my mom.
Jerome - *looks* For how long, Trix?
Patricia - Three weeks or so? then, I'll be back here.
Jerome - Oh..okay. *feels relieve*
Patricia - How about you guys? *looks at Mara and Mick*
Mick - Going to Australia for a sports fest.
Mara - OMG. My parents are too! They were actually asking if I wanna go. *grins widely*
Patricia - Well, we all know the answer. *laughs*
Everybody laughs except for Nina.
Amber - So...how about you, Nina?
Nina - *distracted: playing with her bracelet*
Amber - Nina!
Nina - Oh, what what?
Amber - Where are you going this summer?
Nina - Uhm, ... excuse me. *walks out*

Oh no! What's wrong with Nina? :(
Find out on the next TROA Part 11. :D