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5-27-1997 WYTV Commercials

Commercials aired during episodes of The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Roseanne, and Home Improvement.
-Dove Promises
-Chevy Malibu (Harry Shearer)
-American Family (R.I.P. Dick Clark and Ed McMahon)
-Nytol Natural
-Arm & Hammer Smooth Spearmint
-Taco Bell
-Dallas W. Hartman
-Cheerios/Giant Eagle
-McDonald's (Tom Hamilton and Jim Thome)
-Sea World (Pirates)
-Toyota (Squire Fridell)
-Dairy Queen
-Pizza Hut
-Rainbow Rentals
-Crystal Light Teas
-Day Start 33 promo
-Rosie O'Donnell promo (Bea Arthur and Erik Estrada)
-Pepcid AC
-Adrenalin: Fear the Rush on VHS
-Long John Silver's
-Another Rosie O'Donnell promo (Michael Richards and Griffin Dunne...and the cast of Steel Pier! Ugh, I wish I had a recording of this episode!)
-Another Dairy Queen ad
-Amazing Kids promo
-Taco Bell (again)
-Sylvan Learning Center
-ABC 33 Weatherschool promo with Stan Boney
-Eyewitness News Sky Eye bumper
-Gone Fishin' trailer
-Sears Auto Center
-Chi-Chi's (again)
-Dr. Pepper
-Extra promo
-Another Gone Fishin' trailer
-Another Toyota ad
-Another Dallas W. Hartman ad
-Hot Rod Super Nationals at Canfield Fairgrounds
-Home Improvement promo (syndicated)
-Day Start 33 promo (again)
-Eyewitness News at 6:00 promo with Amy Radinovic
-Bird Cage Litter Skirt
-Dairy Queen (again)
-Sea World (again)
-WYTV legal ID
-Gone Fishin' trailer (again)
-Palmolive for Pots & Pans
-Milk Bone (Peanuts)
-Eyewitness News Update with Stacia Erdos
-Sea World (yet again)
-Burst (again)
-Home Improvement will be right back after these messages
-All Sport
-Yet another Dallas W. Hartman ad
-Cash Explosion Double Play promo
-Pepsi (Omar Vizquel)
-Hot Rod Super Nationals at Canfield Fairgrounds (again)
-Another Rainbow Rentals ad
-Don't change that channel, Home Improvement will be right back
-Yet another Toyota ad

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