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This is my reaction to a statement Jon Favreau made in an interview with Rory Cashin on JOE.ei's YouTube channel. The interview mainly revolved around promoting Favreau's Lion King movie that had just come out at that time, but in the end of the video Cashin asks Favreau, who he thinks should be the next person to play Wolverine since Hugh Jackman has retired from the role. I think every real comic book or MARVEL fan would agree that Favreau's reaction to that question couldn't be more perfect. Now this man has done a lot of outstanding stuff as an actor and even more so as a director, including famously casting Robert Downey junior as Tony Stark for the first MCU movie Iron Man. So when it comes to casting, Favreau knows exactly what he is talking about. But to me that little interview snippet meant much more. To me Favreau's words felt like a "calling". If you have payed any attention to my work in the past, you probably know that I'm a MARVEL comics nerd since childhood. I also talk about that in my TEDx talk that you can watch here: https://youtu.be/2xoRVIoTOsA
Having solid decade long extensive experience in front of the camera for various productions including The Game Changers which was executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, physically fitting the description of the original comic book version of The Wolverine and the fact that I've been dreaming about getting a chance to embody the character in some capacity at some point in my life, Favreau's statement made me feel like I might be the person who could pull off a perfect comic book accurate version of the character for the MCU. So I went on a short diet of a few weeks to get closer to a shape with which I would feel comfortable demonstrating my version of Wolverine as sort of an open audition "letter" to Kevin Feige, Jon Favreau and whoever might be tasked to find the perfect Wolverine for future MARVEL projects and I put together this little demo-reel and a bunch of photos that I am sharing on my Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/patrikbaboumian/ in order to demonstrate what I can do with minimal equipment and without professional help. This is me saying, I am willing and able to put in all the work necessary to continue what Hugh Jackman so brilliantly started and at the same time go beyond what Jackman did and deliver a version of the character that does justice to it's comic book origins. If you agree with me and like my version of The Wolverine, please consider sharing this video, so together we might get the right people at MARVEL to see this :)

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Original interview on Joe.ei: https://youtu.be/vtTdJrDf-sY

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