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10 Idiotic Mistakes That Almost Ruined Spider-Man

Bringing back any characters from the dead is a cheap trick. It's an especially cheap in comics, a medium which only truly sees characters die if they don't sell enough books.

One thing that tends to be a rule with comic book character resurrections though is that parents stay dead. This is even more the case when the child of said parents was primarily raised by his aunt and uncle.

Obviously the creators of issue 366 of Amazing Spider-Man forgot this rule, as Peter Parker's rarely mentioned parents were brought back as Life Model Decoy's in a mad scheme by the Red Skull.

While, yes, a villain-controlled LMD is not the same as sticking the Parkers in something like DC's Lazarus Pit, these synthetic versions retained the memories and emotions of the originals, making them, for all intents and purposes, Peter's parents.

The thing is, bringing them back in any capacity was completely unnecessary, and could have very easily ruined one of the key elements of the teenage Spidey: his relationship with Aunt May. This particular issue might be one of personal taste, but it's probably safe to assume that most readers would deem this more idiotic than not.