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10 Most Evil Versions Of Batman

After Bane breaks Batman's back, Azrael - the Bat-fandom's problematic fave before Jason Todd dug himself out of his grave and discovered his leather fetish - decides to take over the mantle until Bruce is feeling better.

Since we're talking about a broken back here, that recovery takes a good while, even with the best medical care Bruce can afford, so Azrael gets plenty of time in the cape and cowl to go absolutely flippin crazy with power, even redesigning the suit into a nineties monstrosity comprised of as many pointy edges as possible.

Azrael does everything that batman considers an absolute no-no while in the suit. He maims, he tortures, he rips apart every criminal he comes across, even the ones only guilty of minor offences.

In short, Azrael becomes the perfect nightmare of what Batman's detractors say he is - even if he did manage to wrest control of Gotham away from Bane.