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10 Most Shocking Betrayals In DC Comics

Everyone’s favourite orange and green attired sea dweller is a noble superhero for sure but it is only his second priority in life. Above all else, Aquaman’s loyalties lie with the people of Atlantis where his responsibilities as king dominate his life and decisions. Much as he may like his fellow Leaguers, Arthur Curry’s Atlantean duties will prompt him to do battle with them if need be.

In the well received Throne of Atlantis story arc, Aquaman finds himself at a crossroads with his brother’s determination to start a war between Atlantis and the surface world after malfunctioning Navy missiles hit Atlantis. Aquaman ultimately stages a brutal offence against the Justice League in the battles that follow, forsaking his old team for his homeland.

To add some insult to injury, the League discover that Aquaman’s long time pal Nuidis Vulko was behind the whole thing. He orchestrated for his beloved Atlantis to be bombed specifically to incite a war. The end goal? For the League to defeat Ocean Master and lead to the reinstatement of Arthur as king.