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10 Most Stupidly-Overpowered Superheroes In Comics History

While Deadpool is perhaps not the first character that comes into your mind when you think of overpowered characters, that's because characters with solely regeneration powers are underappreciated for how terrifyingly powerful they can be.

Deadpool is different, admittedly, as his immortality doesn't come with a catch, or a specific loophole or weakness, but rather the simple ability to never die. It's almost always played for laughs - right up until the Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe series, where suddenly it becomes a whole lot clearer how overpowered this can make Deadpool, because it leaves him able to kill pretty much anyone given enough time and the right tools.

Add to this figures like Thanos and Man-Thing that Deadpool could viably defeat, and suddenly the combination of immortality and regenerations powers seems pretty solidly OP - or at least definitely enough to make you reconsider how you view the Merc with a Mouth.