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10 Spider-Man Fates Worse Than Death

When Peter Parker picked up some superpowers, he decided the best way to protect the people closest to him was to conceal his true identity. That was pretty smart, seeing as anytime someone learned the truth, it wasn't long before somebody died, so it's safe to say, Pete likes his privacy.

For the most part, he's been able to keep his secret relatively well guarded (with some exceptions, of course). That's largely due to his Spider-Sense and general paranoia that keeps him on his toes, but there was one incident that almost spelled doom for everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Back in 1971, Pete's ability to keep his identity secret suffered a strange and devastating blow when he suddenly grew four extra arms. This happened when he took a serum meant to kill off his Spider-Man powers, but it went the other way and made him more spider-like than ever before!

For Pete, this was a fate worse than death because it meant that his life as Peter Parker was effectively over. How could anyone hide two extra sets of arms? The short answer is, they couldn't. Fortunately, Pete was able to reverse the appendage growth to return to normal, but for a short time, death would have been preferred.