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10 Actors Who Made Sure They Weren't Seen In Movies

You'd be forgiven for not even realising that Andy Serkis had a small cameo appearance in the Seth Rogen-Charlize Theron rom-com Long Shot, playing ethically dubious (at best) media mogul Parker Wembley.

When Serkis was offered the part, he was originally supposed to play it as himself sans-makeup, but Serkis insisted that he undergo an extensive transformation in the makeup chair in order to get into character. Director Jonathan Levine said:

"Andy Serkis made choices that nobody asked him to make, and that sounds like a negative thing, but as a director, actually, that's one of the most beautiful gifts you can give a director. Because he really dove into the character, and he really wanted to make it his own.
The biggest thing was that he decided to be in prosthetic makeup for six hours a day. But you start to realise that this is how Andy Serkis accesses characters. If you think about Andy Serkis' career, it's facial expressions; it's very primal stuff. And so that really helped him figure out this guy."

Hilariously, Rogen himself said there were even occasions where the film's shooting schedule would get switched around, and so Serkis would spend a huge chunk of his day getting makeup applied for nothing.

The end result certainly helps accentuate the sliminess of Serkis' character, while distracting the audience from the fact they're actually looking at Andy Serkis at all.