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10 Best A24 Horror Films

Saint Maud takes a big swing by portraying religious extremism as a type of demonic possession. After a traumatic incident sends young nurse Maud towards the cross, she’s assigned to care for a dying atheist. To atone for her past, Maud takes it upon herself to save her patient’s soul from eternal damnation but goes too far when she tries to control every aspect of her life.

The film tells us very little about Maud’s backstory, relying solely on Morfydd Clark’s talents to fill in the gaps. She plays the young nurse somber and rigid, a fragile loner one minute and a sinister zealot the next. And when Maud tries to jump back into her old hedonistic lifestyle, Clark's frail, awkward body language reveals the girl's emotional scars.

Rose Glass’s steady direction reflects Maud’s twisted perspective. The dark, grimy cinematography makes the setting look like hell on earth, and the uncomfortable sound design gets under your skin.

he film rides the line between gritty realism and horrific fantasy, using classic demonic possession imagery like convulsions and floating bodies to depict Maud’s broken mental state.