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10 Best Workplace Horror Movies

Be honest: we've all considered a little light murder when it comes to dealing with our worst colleagues and bosses.

Greg (Wolf Creek) McLean's horror movie allows its characters to indulge in just that, whether they like it or not. Workers at the Belko Institute - a corporate office in Columbia - are locked in, and trapped as a remote voice commands that the people start killing their co-workers. With explosive microchips implanted in their heads, it's essentially Battle Royale (or the Hunger Games, for you kids out there) crossed with The Office.

As the workers are forced to fight for their lives, level-headed Mike (John Gallagher Jr.) finds himself fending off his increasingly desperate colleagues - including Office Space & Scrubs star John C. McGinley.

This mean and brutal action horror film combines workplace drama with violent action and intense gore, culminating in a guy being bashed to death with a tape dispenser. The most terrifying thing about the Belko Experiment? How plausible whole thing is.