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10 Complex Movies You Really Weren't Prepared For

Toby Jones is on delicious form in one of the most mind-boggling complex - and underrated - films of recent years: Berberian Sound Studio.

The central conceit here concerns an English sound engineer named Gilderoy, who travels to Italy to work on a low-end giallo film (a genre with which this film shares many traits), only to start losing his grip on what's real and what's not.

On paper, this could have been just another weird horror/thriller, but - somewhat unexpectedly - Berberian Sound Studio soon starts to descend into a quiet madness. After a while the film begins to expose strange, Lynchian layers, and suddenly we're watching... a horror movie about making horror movies?

The film plays as a dual homage to both Roman Polanski and Dario Argento, and carries an appropriately sinister vibe as we come to realise that much of Berberian Sound Studio takes place inside Gilderoy's head. And we're with him all the way, as he attempts to find the perfect sound effect to create the perfect masterpiece.