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10 Doomed Movies SAVED By Last-Minute Reshoots

Back in 2017, one thing above all was set to completely destroy the release of All the Money in the World, and it would require extensive reshoots. Months before the movie had a chance to release, allegations surfaced alleging sexual misconduct from the film's star, Kevin Spacey.

He was playing one of the main characters, and all of his scenes were already in the can. The film was pretty much good to go, but the allegations put a stop on the whole production. The studio realized that it wasn't going to be a wise financial decision to move forward with Spacey, so they removed him from the film.

This all happened two months before the scheduled release date, which left director Ridley Scott in a bit of a pickle. Spacey had already filmed all of his scenes, but that didn't matter anymore. Scott cut him out entirely and had Christopher Plummer come in to replace him.

Plummer knocked out the entire shoot in only nine days, which is incredibly impressive. The film was saved, and Mr. Plummer even managed to receive a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards — for only nine days of work!