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10 Essential Movie Scenes Only Available In Extended Cuts

Despite its reputation as an overlooked treasure of recent times, Doctor Sleep's mammoth length has been subject to much criticism, none of which seemed to subside when an even longer Director's Cut was released last year. Whilst most of the new footage is purely there for fleshing out the characters, there's one scene, in particular, that shouldn't have been cut.

Early in the theatrical cut, we see Abra's powers in their earliest form when she levitates an entire table's worth of spoons. In the extended cut, there's an additional scene that expands on this, which sees Abra uses her Shining to play the piano - much to her parent's shock and horror.

This may seem like it's treading similar ground as to what's in the theatrical cut, but where the scene with the floating spoons sees Abra's parents in a state of confusion, this shows that they actively fear Abra's abilities.

It's this fear that forces her to keep to herself and emphasises why her connection with Danny is both important and desperately needed so that she can both accept and rationalise her gift - which ultimately gives her the strength to fight back against Rose the Hat in the end.