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10 Horror Movie Final Girls Who Suffered The Most

The Cabin in the Woods' Dana (Kristen Connolly) initially seems to fit the role of the archetypal virginal final girl to a tee.

She appears to be the most virtuous member of her friendship group, but as with just about everything else in the film, writer-director Drew Goddard clearly relishes toying with expectations.

It's later revealed that Dana isn't in fact a virgin and that the Director (Sigourney Weaver) is effectively working with whatever she can find in order to facilitate the ritual designed to keep the subterranean beings known as the Ancient Ones appeased.

While Dana doesn't suffer quite as extensively as the other leading ladies on this list, she nevertheless earns her spot due to the impossible choice she's forced to make at film's end.

Dana is ordered to kill her stoner pal Marty (Fran Kranz) in order to complete the ritual and save the world, but infuriated at having been used in the ritual and feeling that humanity isn't worth these sacrifices, Dana ultimately refuses to kill Marty.

As a result, the film ends with the Ancient Ones bursting forth from beneath the Earth, killing Dana, Marty, and presumably the entire human race.

You can be mad at Dana all you want, but she was put in a terrible decision and decided to flip a middle finger at fate instead.