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10 Moments That Literally Stopped Movies

The 1965 adaptation of Agatha Christie's iconic novel sees ten people invited to a remote mansion by a mysterious party known only as Mr. U.N. Owen.

Soon enough they start dying off, and it falls to both the remaining characters and the audience to figure out which among them is in fact the killer.

But the original theatrical release of the film, and some subsequent DVD versions, feature a "whodunit break" just before the truth is revealed.

At the peak of the climax as survivors Ann (Shirley Eaton) and Morley (Hugh O'Brian) discover an eighth dead body, a narrator interrupts the action, stating that there will now be a brief 60-second intermission where the audience can consider who the killer might be before it's revealed.

The break even flashes up pivotal clips from the movie and encourages audience members to theorise with those sat around them, which must've made for a real hoot during the film's original theatrical release.

Can you imagine if Knives Out 2 pulled out such a trick?