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10 MORE Awesome Movie Monsters Only In One Scene

A true icon of 1980s movies, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man has long since engrained himself into our hearts, and our bank accounts too - making up a disproportionate amount of merchandise to cash in on the squidgy menace since his debut in '84. Of course, the Stay-Puft mascot comes from Ghostbusters, where supernatural activity is taking over New York and requires the proton energy interference of a group of those who bust ghosts. By the end of the movie, the team of four are faced with an interdimensional threat that will take on the form of whatever they so choose - with Raymond selecting the marshmallow brand in an attempt to select something 'that couldn't possibly destroy them.'

That's the thing with ghosts though. They don't play fair.

Stay-Puft is blown up to gigantic proportions, wrecking the city like a pillowy Godzilla and roaring in the face of those who would defy the creature's reign of terror. He's destroyed in the end by crossing the proton streams, and thankfully hasn't been seen again since - with the 2016 remake committing their brand of Stay-Puft to a ghostly balloon instead. Thank heavens for small favours.